Products and Services

Computing Appliances

Provide your users a robust desktop environment that auto-restores to the standard configuration when necessary.  Continue to access web and server-based applications through pre-installed connectivity clients.

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Network Boot Computers

Centrally store and manage all desktops in your servers for easier standardization and administration of your users’ computing environment.

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Virtual Desktop Clients

Give your users their own customizable desktop running from a virtual server, and leverage the efficiencies that your central IT infrastructure can provide.

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Remote Terminals

Run your users on your enterprise server to better enforce desktop standardization. At the same time, manage which applications that they can run and the services that they can access.

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We can help develop your team’s skills and understanding of the underlying technologies covered by virtual clients, server virtualization, and cloud computing.

System Integration

How do you orchestrate a migration towards thin client computers?  What is the best way to phase-in virtualized computing environments?  How can you get your business productive from day-one of moving into a cloud service?  These are tough issues that can only be addressed through good project planning, implementation, and orchestrating how the different solution […]

eLearning Consulting

We study your requirements and match them with the appropriate pedagogical tools in order to meet your learning objectives. We also employ robust yet effective instructional design techniques coupled with elearning platforms and content as an aid to enrich your existing lesson plans.

Thin Client Customization

No two companies are exactly alike – so why should their thin client deployments be exactly the same?  Xepto’s thin client customization service looks at your exact hardware, firmware, and software requirements and designs the thin client solution that is optimized for your IT infrastructure.