Xepto Computing, Inc., is a registered business that was established in 2008 by Dr. Paco Sandejas, who also manages the Narra Venture Capital Fund.   Xepto is advised by several industry experts.

We focus on solutions that address not only hardware and software requirements of our clients, but also includes guidance on how to best integrate them into their organization.  We have direct and indirect relationships with several Silicon Valley companies that will allow us to continually innovate on our products and services.

For example, we helped GILAS (Gearing up Internet Literacy and Access for Students, http://www.gilas.org) by designing a thin client solution for public schools that includes Internet access filtering to protect students from the dangers of pornography and computer viruses.

Our most recent accomplishment involves participation in the development and integration of thin-client based computer systems for public schools through Project CloudTop. Leveraging on the learnings acquired from that project enabled us to deliver more cost-effective and efficient systems especially suited for Philippine schools.